Buying a used van, for your van to camper conversion, comes with its risks - so it is best to walk into your van viewings with a bit of foreknowledge as to what to look at and what it all means. Here is a detailed checklist of the mechanical, structural, aesthetic and test drive features you should be paying attention to when buying a used van.

About Us


Freedom Strider was born in Northamptonshire, England, in January of 2015 on a dark and stormy night, probably rainy (though we don’t remember, hey, its England… so probably) over the internal battles of escaping the traps of stereotype and convention. 

As students, less than a year away from being herded into the ‘necessity’ of university, we took a step back and over many sleepless nights of ranting and ice cream we found the right questions to ask: ‘Why am I doing this?’

It’s a dangerous question.


The roots of Freedom Strider stem from the pacifier that adults tell us as we are growing up: when you grow up you will have your independence and your freedom to make your own choices and mistakes.

The closer we were getting to that magical time the more of a lie it felt.

In summary, ‘Go to university. Get trapped in tens of thousands of pounds in debt. Get a job. Rent. Save for a mortgage. Pay it off for the next 40 years. Have a month’s holiday per year? Get a good pension early on. Then retire and get out the way.’

That is not freedom, that is our lives, your life, planned right there in front of you, unless… you change your mind. So that’s what we did, we changed our mind and as we dropped the shackles of all the childhood propaganda, the floodgate of ideas and opportunities opened at us.  

Today, we are Polly and Sam Strider.

Nine-Five, ain’t our jazz, while full-time travel and alternative lifestyles are definitely the roots of our passions. We showcase many different aspects of our lives and travels, as well as other incredible people we meet along the way.
Our imagination caught fire after we successfully, bought, converted, lived in (for 10 months) and sold our 7-seater car, Bumi, which means that we paid ZERO $, £, cats or tin cans for our accommodation for 10 months. WHAT?
We had finally found a way to build a debt-free, financially sustainable life as full-time travellers. We share our on-going journey to inspire people and to show, everyone who feels trapped by the conventions of society that there is always a way to break free and claim your rights to health and happiness.