Adrenalin Forest – TreeTop Adventure – New Zealand

Written by Freedom Strider

On March 4, 2019
Adrenalin Forest - TreeTop Adventure - New Zealand

Adrenalin Forest – TreeTop Adventure – New Zealand

by Mar 4, 2019

Fancy spending a morning swinging between the trees whilst on your New Zealand road trip?

It does not just have to be swinging; it could be tightrope walking, log hopping or even zip lining between them – the choice is yours…apart from when there’s only one path.

How is this lifestyle possible?

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The Adventure


In search of cheaper activities in New Zealand, we came across Adrenalin Forest – a high ropes course between Tauranga and Rotorua (there are also courses just outside Christchurch, and one in Wellington). We asked each other “Do we want to do a high ropes course?” We had only been on one once, and that was quite a timid one compared with 10m tall tree platforms in the Adrenalin Forest course.

Considering it was only $44NZD each (which if you have ever been to New Zealand, you know is cheap when it comes to activities) and we were up for a challenge, we thought eh, why not? Since we were living in our car (named Bumi), it was easy enough to change our plans a little, and we were already heading down towards Rotorua anyway – a big plus for alternative living 😀

If you wanted to meet Bumi, say hello here: Converting your Car into a Camper-van: The Non-Professional Way

We booked the tickets and the next morning got up early and drove down from Tauranga. It was not brilliantly signposted but we managed to find it, tucked out the way in the middle of nowhere.


The Adventure

Were we nervous?


– YEAH, A BIT. –

It was hard to know what to expect, but we were up for a challenge and ready to try it.

Top Tip: The course opens at 10am, and we booked the first slot for 10am. We arrived and no one else was there, and no one else came until about midday, and which point the course began to get busy at the beginning whilst we were much higher up on the harder courses, meaning we still had it all to ourselves. Getting up early and booking it for the first slot is worth it. Although the group behind us were an NZ army bunch and there were catching us up pretty fast… yeah, they overtook us.

We arrived at the desk and got shown through the safety demonstration, of which both the guys were really cool. They were talkative, happy and explained everything really well – considering they explain probably the same thing repeatedly 10-20 times a day.

We were up on the course in 10 minutes and they did say that we had 3 hours on the course. There were 6 levels, each harder than the previous. Levels 1 and 2 were easy, just warming you up for the things to come…

Watch the video below to find out how the higher levels went.

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Here is the complete overview of What alternative living is, Why it’s a good idea and How you can get the ball rolling.

Another top tip: They give you two pairs of gloves because to slow down on the zip lines, you have to grab onto the wire above you with your hand to slow you down. At first, you think you might not need two pairs and you would be correct…you need three.

Maybe even four…dragonhide would be preferable. 😉 
Either way, two was not enough.

We actually spent nearly 5 hours on the course, despite them saying we had a three-hour time limit. We think it was because we were the first ones there and we were not holding anyone up, so they just let us be.

After the course, it was great just being able to hop back into our home and chill out, no waiting for a bus filled with strangers to take us home. We decided to go for ice cream, so we just drove down, got a big sundae and enjoyed the rest of our evening in our Bumi.

Would we recommend Adrenalin Forest?



We were not sure what to quite expect when we booked the tickets the night before, but despite it getting us both out of our comfort zones, it was really fun to experience it.

And although we are not in New Zealand anymore, we’re going to be doing something like this again, I’m sure of it…