CampQuirky 2019 – The Self-Built Campervan Festival

Written by Freedom Strider

On May 18, 2019

“What do you do with 800+ campervans and the 2000+ people who live in them?”


“I dunno. Stick ‘em in a field and hope for the best?”


What is Camp Quirky?


In short, Camp Quirky is a gathering every year, in a field somewhere in the UK that hosts a sort of meet and greet for the Vanlife community. Instead of camping or ‘glamping’; you are ‘van-ping?’

You get a huge field of like-minded people, a central station of hot food, quirky stores and workshops to teach and help everyone with their own van build and maintain Vanlife on the road.

It’s not just for you 20-something-year-olds, there are families, older people, newcomers or vanlifers of 30+ years all gathered together for a weekend of stories and celebration…all whilst the local farms wonder why on earth so many hippie vans are parked in their neighbors’ field.